INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45

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INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45


INELCO will be on electronica. Beside new Products and a massive increase of employees, INELCO will celebrate his 10th birthday. Especially in a time where more and more competitors are taken over by companies from other sectors and others are giving up poduct lines, because of profitability, INELCO will stay like a rock in the serf for its partners. Come and see.


sneak preview of INELCO new CAT6A slim line connector. This and a few more groundbreaking innovations, but also additional services and employment, we have in the pipeline, ready to show in the next few months. Please wait and see.

13.12.2018 - 18:33

INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45