INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45


Sales 'n'History

INterconnection and ELectronic COmponents

INELCO - the home of unparalleled quality and service in INterconnection and ELectronic COmponents - is a European driven company, manufacturing European ideas, solutions and quality in Asia. INELCO's mission is to fulfill the requirements of their partners and customers and remains the best choice for cost-effective solutions. INELCO is the supplier of interconnection and electronic components and systems for networking, telecommunication and industrial applications. INELCO's product range includes modular (Western) plugs and jacks (modcon®), with and without integrated transformers (intrajack®), shielded and unshielded as well as terminals (voice series®), SFPs (compu-shield®), M12 (circon®), discrete components (discom® transformers, coils and inductors), USBs and other additional products and services.


RoHS Compliance/Product Quality

INELCO has a commitment to continuous improvement of quality, that all products consistently meet the needs and the requirements of its customers.
All Products of INELCO are made in best possible quality and are ROHS compliant.


Dipl-Ing Walter Resch

INELCO - Partners

INELCO’s Principles


- Supplier of interconnection and electronic components and systems
- Well known as an engineering solution provider
- One of the industry leading global manufacturers
- One of the top Modular Connector Manufacturers with Base of Origin in Europe
- European driven company, manufacturing international ideas, solutions and quality in Asia
- Unique ability to satisfy the demand for high-quality connectors and components
- Single source supplier for all magnetic and connector needs
- Delivers an individual concept to each customer based on his needs
- Offers innovative products, services and strong engineering capabilities
- Offers high-volume manufacturing access, short-run and custom manufacturing capability
- Success is based on the knowledge of the markets and industries
- Challenges its employees to improve INELCO’s business processes and system

Product Groups

Strength & Expertise

- Tele- and Data-Communication
- Computers and peripherals
- Networking
- Automotive electronics
- Medical instrumentation
- Industrial process controls
- Electrical components


INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45


INELCO will be on electronica. Beside new Products and a massive increase of employees, INELCO will celebrate his 10th birthday. Especially in a time where more and more competitors are taken over by companies from other sectors and others are giving up poduct lines, because of profitability, INELCO will stay like a rock in the serf for its partners. Come and see.


sneak preview of INELCO new CAT6A slim line connector. This and a few more groundbreaking innovations, but also additional services and employment, we have in the pipeline, ready to show in the next few months. Please wait and see.

13.12.2018 - 19:42

INELCO - distinction in interconnection, electronic components, transformers, CAT6A, RJ45